One Stop Shopping to meet all your needs...

Are Services & Dedicated Staff.
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Dedicated Staff 


One stop shopping for all your homeownership needs....

We have referrals from more than 1,000 clients and thousands of vendors and businesses. Our added value efforts bring clients and vendors together for all home related services.


We are with you for the pre- and post-home buying processes. 


Need a moving company?  We don’t just have one, we list over five.

Need a lawn service?   We havea variety for your selection. 

Need a doctor or dentist?  We can even provide a recommendation. 


Amy’s flexible schedule allows more time for you than most agents, while extensive business connections permit access to top vendors. We remain in contact with each client and track your needs for optimum service.


Amy's State of the Art Advertising and Marketing allow her to reach prime groups and consumers. Exposure, Exposure, Exposure !!!! 


Amy's technology incorporates use of drones and projectors as part of her plan for selling your property investment. Internet programs, software tracking allow efficient operation when partnered with excellent communication and negotiation skills.







Concierge Service 

We will answer any questions directed to your home...

Our home referral service program is FREE...

We use interns to experts...


We look forward to sharing our business model!

We share our contractor’s packages to add value for our clients.


We research to find all the answers to your real estate needs!


Our concierge Service is only one way we are redefining expectations of buyers and sellers in the fluid real estate market.  This is a true full service luxury real estate company. Prestige Team at  Realty USA is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our valued clients by offering an impeccable menu of services including one-of -a kind concierge service tailored to meet each person's individual needs.


A Service.
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Our team of professionals is here to make your Real Estate Experience as smooth as possible. 


What's your home worth?  We can do that...

Social Media Marketing?  We've got you covered...

Real Video Tours?  We do that...

Cutting Edge marketing helps us drive your sale price.


Ask About our concierge service, we provide home - related services as a way to keep clients business relationships going after you leave the closing table.  Our clients are our clients for life because of our service relationship. 


We focus on a wide range of services any homeowner typically needs after closing, such as painting or utility hookups. Our programs aim to capitalize on success after the sale.


Home Related Services

  • Home Owners Insurance

  • Painters

  • Snow Plow Service

  • Lawn Maintenance


Amy is recognized for her top professional negotationing skills 

Amy’s competitive drive on the golf course has transferred to Real Estate.  Amy works for both buyers and sellers with off the chart negations that break records daily.

Track Amy's Success (All public records)


  • Amy negotiated Thurman Thomas Home purchase on a property listed for $725,000.  Amy ending up negotiating that home for Thurman and his family down to $423,000!

  • Lakeridge, Orchard Park: Top street sales in this prestigious neighborhood!  When Amy worked for the seller, all properties she sold were over $600,000!  No other agents got over $600,000.

  • Amy Lists and Sells Million Dollar Mansions!  These estates sell in record time and Amy's competitive nature pays off.

  • Amy can add value to your home like no other agent ...and you can get the price you want when selling. 

  • Amy buys and sells for top investors in WNY daily.

  • Amy helped one client  make over $70,000 in one year with just her marketing alone. 

  • She can direct traffic to your home like no one else can.